Another great conference: Malaysian Open Source Conference 2017

Sam Suresh MOSC MY 2017

I spoke in the Malaysian Open Source Conference 2017 yesterday hosted by Harisfazilah Jamel at University Kebangsaan Malaysia.

Before my presentation I attended many sessions from other speakers. Few sessions that was interesting are;-

Blockchain in Azure

Jay Swaminathan from Microsoft spoke about setting up block chain in Azure. Microsoft offers block chain as a services (Baas). Interesting part of this presentation is you don’t have to spend several days to setup block chain. It will be installed in several minutes. Charges are based on VM Usage.

Hybrid Desktop Apps

This is another interesting topic by Shak Hasnan. This is an overview on how you can build Desktop apps using Electron open source framework. To name some of the interesting apps that are based on Electron framework is Slack and Glip. Using HTML, CSS and JS to build Windows, Mac or Linux app is interesting!

My Presentation: Using Joomla! and WordPress for Web Sam SureshPortals.

I presented an overview of Joomla! and WordPress and how users can leverage on this 2 great CMS for different projects. Using wrong CMS for a project can cause a lot of trouble to the end integrator/administrator in the future.

Moodle vs Joomla vs Your Projects
Moodle vs Joomla vs Your Projects

It was a great conference.

We had a booth to showcase upcoming JoomlaDay Malaysia 2017 and WordCamp Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2017.


Animated SVG Logos

Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics with support for interactivity and animation.

You can find most of the corporate companies using SVG format to display their logo. SVG is scalable, that means you dont have to worry about image size anymore.

SVG files are relatively small in size. You still can optimize and reduce the file size by using optimizer. One of the good optimizer I use is

Checkout snap SVG:

You can generate SVG files from Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape or other image editors. I used Adobe Illustrator and ‘Save As’ SVG format to convert my logo into SVG format.

Editing Moodle Badge after its issued

Moodle badges will become locked and you cant change the criteria once its issued. Thefore editing Moodle badge after it is issued to users is impossible from the backend.

Moodle Badges Locked



However, you still can edit the badge criteria from your Moodle database.

Before doing any changes to the database, ensure you have made backup of your database and Moodle files. Wrong alteration to Moodle database tables may cause your Moodle stop working! Continue reading “Editing Moodle Badge after its issued”

Installing LetsEncrypt SSL in ServerPilot based servers

LetsEncrypt is free SSL certificate authority service that you can use in any server for free. You don’t have to subscribe to expensive SSL certificates to go https. Few years back Google announced that SSL enabled sites will have better ranking in Google Search Results.

If you running DigitalOcean(DO) VPS using ServerPilot control panel, here is easy way to get LetsEncrypt with an installer to install and renew.

Continue reading “Installing LetsEncrypt SSL in ServerPilot based servers”

Recapping a Fantastic JoomlaDay at Malaysia 2015

One of the largest Open Source and non-commercial events of the year in Kuala Lumpur is JoomlaDay Malaysia 2015. It attracted more than 245 participants from all over the country. I had the pleasure of organizing the event for the first time after a long break of 3 years and I can happily report that the event was again an effective means of bringing the Joomla community together to share knowledge and best practices, as well as to network with key Joomla developers. Continue reading “Recapping a Fantastic JoomlaDay at Malaysia 2015”